One Week Funnel – Design Your Own Sales Funnel In a Week


    Funnels: The Insides of Marketing  How Top Marketers Convince You to Buy The Stuff You Don’t Need.

    And How You Can Do It Too.


    Doesn’t matter whether you own an online store that sells digital products, or you are a freelancer looking for clients. This course will show you how you can get customers for your products, and clients for your services faster, in bulk, and on autopilot.


    After applying the tactics in this course, you’ll be selling your products and services on autopilot.


    For a moment, consider yourself as a business trying to sell some services. There are two ways in which you approach this.


    First is, you outreach to prospects on LinkedIn, do cold emailing, or ask clients for referrals. Okay, it works, but it’s not scalable. And, if you’re the only person doing all this, you’re already wasting 3-4 hours every day on finding leads, sending emails, following up, and juggling between LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, emails, freelancing community, and whatnot.


    What if there was an easier and cost-effective way of doing this? That’s the second approach. You spend some time in developing a sales funnel. After that, your funnel finds clients for you, without the hassle of you doing everything in the first strategy.


    You will not have to outreach prospects on LinkedIn, do cold emailing, or ask for referrals.


    Moreover, you’ll not have to buy expensive tools or write lots of long blog posts to do this.


    Plus, you can apply all the tactics shown in the course by yourself. You don’t have to hire a marketer or copywriter to do it for you.


    That’s not all. After completion, your funnel will be fully automated and scalable, which means it will keep bringing buyers while you manage and grow your business.


    And what if I told you, all of this is going to take just one week. Yes, just one week.


    So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the course and let’s finish building your personal sales funnel in just one week.

    See you inside.

    What Will I Learn?

    • Sell your product/service on autopilot without all the manual work
    • Design funnels that work for you even while you sleep
    • No need to spend extra money on tools, software, or web hosting
    • Do it all by yourself. No need to hire a web developer or marketer
    • Save all the time that you earlier spent on pitching, cold emailing, and asking for referrals
    • You'll get just 1 video each day, for the next 6 days with one clear task that you need to do for each day. By the end of the 6th day, your funnel is complete
    • Later you can do all this for clients while charging high prices

    Topics for this course

    7 Lessons1h 12m

    Day 1: Basics – Let’s Build Your Funnel

    Let’s Build Your Sales Funnel00:06:04
    A Simple Example00:01:06

    Day 2: Let’s Generate Leads

    Day 3: Let’s Bring in the Traffic

    Day 4: Let’s Send Automated Emails

    Day 5: The D Day – Let’s Sell

    Day 6: What’s Next – Let’s Make More Money


    Material Includes

    • 1 video for each day + the day's task for 6 days
    • Notes for all the videos
    • Supplementary material
    • Completion certificate (with a verifiable public link)